Stay home, stay safe, sleep with your pet and save $19

Stay home, stay safe, sleep with your pet and Save $19 when you order a PawPad®

The PawPad® Story

How PawPad® went from an idea to an actual product is a combination of a deep and unimaginable love for an animal that we got 9 years ago (our late dog Charley), and a true confession.

My name is Gaye Mandel, and I’m the Founder of the company, a “bedding junkie” and clean obsessed (that’s the confession part). I’ve always found that updating with a new duvet cover/comforter/coverlet, once or twice a year is a great way to inexpensively brighten-up the look of any bedroom without even having to re-paint. I always pass along the gently used one to someone who would love to have it.

The more machine-washed bed covers are, the more faded and worn they get, so doing it less frequently keeps them looking more like new. Fewer washes is also a small way to help the environment by using less water, detergent and electricity. We have a king size comforter which doesn’t fit in our home machine. It can cost more than $30 to dry clean and $15+ to wash and dry at the laundromat.

With many owners, our pet family members are often the second or third (or more) resident(s) of the family bed. Charley started out sleeping in a crate but after a few months, we wanted her as close to us as often as possible, so sleeping together seemed only natural for us.

As it turns out, we’re not alone. 71% of pet owners report sleeping with their pets and 43% on a nightly basis. Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres both sleep with their dogs and cats.

As cute as Charley was, (110 lbs. of love) she always got messy and dirty when she went outside which was tough to deal with daily. Dog paws (and those of outdoor cats) are like "magnets" and everything like mud, sand and snow sticks to them. Loose or shedding fur is also hard to contain and a pain to clean-up.

There had to be a way to better control the various “stuff” that always ended up on our bed. The spare flat sheet I was using wasn’t doing the job.

The solution had to be functional, look nice in the bedroom, offer protection, be easy to wash and dry, lightweight (so as not to add any unnecessary weight to the “pet parents” sleeping under it), save time and be well within reach financially.

I went searching for the answer to my bed cover problems. While several products were available, none had everything I really wanted.

In the end, I took up the challenge, and set out on my own to create something that met all of our needs.

In what some considered a bold and crazy move, almost 4 years ago, I voluntarily left my advertising career in the corporate world. My husband and I moved to a small town two hours north of Toronto, Ontario so I could focus on my vision of creating the best pet protective cover designed for use primarily on the family bed.

I created many "prototypes" by using various fabrics in combinations that I sewed myself (a skill I’m not good at). Charley was kind enough to try them all and I kept sewing and testing, and sewing some more, each time improving the product overall.

PawPad® is the result of this journey.

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