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Our Team

Poppy - The Intern

This beautiful girl is the newest member of the PawPad® family. She's now 7 months old, and is adjusting well to her forever home. She loves people, kisses, tummy rubs, other dogs and is a very good listener. She knows how to sit, shake a paw and down now. Poppy continues to fill our hearts and our home with her infectious personality and never ending love.

Because she's "in training" it will be a while before she fully enjoys the comfort of sleeping in the family bed full time. She is already allowed on the couch and the bed to cuddle before bedtime, but like with any puppy, we are paying attention to her all the time in order to minimize the potential for accidents in the house. So far, so good. Poppy is a fast learner and sleeps in her crate (lined with a PawPad® of course) for 7-8 hours a night. Stay tuned for updates on her progress.



Gaye Mandel - Founder

I was always fascinated with advertising and I loved the work I did. I approached each new project by “thinking like a customer” to help determine what might work best for a brand and/or product. What would appeal to me? What features and benefits would help me to make a purchase decision? How can we together with our agency partners, develop advertising and marketing that helps consumers to want to purchase the product and/or brand and highlight the value?

The years of experience helped me to better understand the world of product marketing and advertising, but it could never have prepared me for this adventure. I always was charged with advertising a product or service that already existed versus something new and intangible.

Since Charley came into our life, my goal was to make our lives as mutually rewarding on a daily basis as possible.

That ultimately led me to the idea for PawPad®. This experience has been full of learning and totally gratifying while often being extremely frustrating and difficult. At the end of the day, I know we have a product that will help so many “pet parents” to get even more enjoyment from their fur babies with less worry. I truly hope you love the product and get much happiness and peace of mind from owning it.

Bailey - The Face of PawPadTM/MC

This is Bailey and he’s so honoured to have been chosen to represent the PawPad® brand. Because our founder lives in a small town located on Georgian Bay his name was a natural fit. His associate Charley loved to spend as much time in the water as possible and could often be found in the bay wading in up to her belly, trying to cool off on warm, summer days and nights.

Milo - Advisor, External Affairs

Milo is a happy cat that likes to spend time outdoors exploring and so his paws are always dirty. Because he likes to sleep anywhere, knowing that PawPad® can also be flat or folded for use on couches, area rugs, carpet, chairs, to wrap his own pet bed and in the car suits his lifestyle perfectly.

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