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Save & Protect Your Bed Covers with PawPadTM/MC

Use PawPadTM/MC Inside and Outside Your Home

The PawPadTM/MC Story

How PawPadTM/MC went from an idea to an actual product is a combination of a deep and unimaginable love for our girl Charley, and a true confession.

My name is Gaye Mandel, and I’m the Founder of the company, a “bedding junkie” and clean obsessed (that’s the confession part). I’ve always maintained that updating with a new duvet cover, comforter or coverlet, once or twice a year is a great way to inexpensively brighten-up the look of any bedroom without even having to re-paint. It's also great to pass along the older one to someone else who can use it.

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  • “Sometimes I tinkle a little when I get excited. Luckily, PawPadTM/MC is absorbent and keeps the duvet cover bone dry.”


  • “No matter how dirty I make my PawPadTM/MC, my Dad just throws it in the wash and it’s clean again and ready to reuse.”


  • “I shed? Who knew? It’s no big deal when we have our PawPadTM/MC on the bed.”


  • “I’m a big boy but the PawPadTM/MC is super light. It hardly adds any extra weight for my parents when we’re sleeping.”


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Our Team

Feel free to write us at info@pawpad.company. If you have a suggestion, please share it. Customer feedback is our most important marketing tool.

Contain and Control Dog and Cat Hair and More on Your Bed Covers

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